Military members who harass or bully people on the job or online could receive a permanent mark on their record, according to a new Defense Department policy on harassment announced on Thursday.


“Harassment is a part of a continuum of behaviors that have no place in our workforce. The policy issued today brings us one step closer to eliminating these behaviors from the Department of Defense. My focus on this is unwavering,” said Robert L. Wilkie, undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, in the statement.

“Let me be clear: harassment has no place in our military,” chief Pentagon spokesperson Dana White said Thursday, according to CNBC. “This policy brings us one step closer to eliminating these behaviors.”

There will be 24-hour hotlines for harassment questions and complaints. Most services have hotlines for sexual harassment, but this expands the requirement to all forms of inappropriate conduct.

The military services will have 60 days to develop plans to put in place the policy.


The overhaul comes almost a year after the online nude photo sharing scandal.

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