Pico Rivera (Population 63,000) City Council passed a resolution on Tuesday requesting the resignation of a school teacher and fellow city councilman who made anti-military comments in the classroom.

Gregory Salcido, both a teacher at El Rancho High School and city councilman, was caught trashing the military thanks to a student who recorded the comments. He was trying to convince a student wearing a Marine Corps shirt to not volunteer.

“They’re not like high-level thinkers, they’re not academic people, they’re not intellectual people; they’re the frickin’ lowest of our low,” Salcido told students. “I don’t understand why we let the military guys come over here and recruit you at school. We don’t let pimps come in the school.”

Videos of the incident were posted on Facebook.

President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly said last month in a radio interview that Salcido “ought to go to hell” for his remarks.

Pico Rivera Mayor Gustavo Camacho called it “bullying, arrogant and aggressive behavior.”

Salcido ran for Congress in 2002 as a Democrat, challenging two-term incumbent Congresswoman Grace Napolitano in California’s 38th Congressional District. He lost the Democratic primary 65%-35%.

Salcido has so far refused to resign from being a teacher or city councilman. As a teacher, he is currently on leave.

“My goal as it relates to my students is to get them to do everything to get to college,” said Salcido, who was shouted down by some angry members of the audience. “I wanted to challenge them to reach their academic potential.”


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