U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) asked VA Secretary David Shulkin to resign on Wednesday and requested employees responsible for the construction of a new VA hospital in Aurora, Colorado to be fired.

Coffman criticized the Trump-appointed VA secretary for taking his wife on a taxpayer-funded 10 day trip to Europe.

The VA’s inspector general released devastating results of an investigation into Shulkin’s trip. It found his chief-of-staff altered an email and made false statements to a department ethics official that led to taxpayers covering expenses for Shulkin’s wife.

Shulkin claims his chief-of-staff was hacked.

Shulkin acknowledged “the optics of this are not good,” and expressed “regret” over the decision.

Coffman also pointed out the people who are overseeing the construction of the new Aurora VA Hospital, which has been delayed for years and is extremely over budget thanks to screw-ups, still have their jobs.

“The people who have their fingerprints over this stuff are the same people who are there,” Coffman said Thursday morning. “I want to encourage you without legislation, if it requires it then we need to move it forward, that you need to find these people another job – hopefully somewhere outside of the federal government.”


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