The Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center at Northport suspended surgeries last week when a failing air-conditioner motor required the hospital to close all five of its surgical operating rooms, a VA official told Newsday.

A similar incident occurred two years ago when the Long Island-based VA hospital suspended surgeries after they found serious problems with the same exact air conditioner.

The air conditioning was repaired on Tuesday, costing the taxpayers $58,000. The VA says they rescheduled 18 surgeries.

“No VA facility should have to halt surgeries for days on end because of known HVAC issues. Not Northport. Not anywhere,” said Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY). “Our brave veterans fought to protect our freedom and so it is our obligation to care for them by making sure they receive the medical care they deserve.”

The center treats about 30,000 individuals per year, according to Northport officials. They serve the 130,000 veterans living in Long Island, New York.


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