Sources told Axios that VA Secretary David Shulkin is “in a perilous position” because President Trump “doesn’t like what he’s hearing (about how Shulkin’s wife used taxpayer dollars to travel to Europe) and he may have to fire Shulkin if the situation further deteriorates.”

Chief of Staff John Kelly met with Shulkin and told him to get his act together. Rumor has it that Kelly basically told him “to just shut up and stop causing drama.”

Right after his meeting with Kelly, Shulkin was brought into the Oval Office to talk to Trump. They reportedly talked about legislation.

After the meetings, Shulkin disobeyed orders, spoke to the New York Times, and declared victory. In the interview, he announced he had the power to fire insubordinate political appointees and claimed to have support from Trump. Apparently, this isn’t the first time he did that.


Is this report true?

It sounds mostly true but is likely exaggerated. Considering how often we hear all the time from the press that Trump might fire so-and-so, Trump rarely fires or pushes someone out. Shulkin has been a star in the Trump administration for his VA reforms, and if Trump didn’t like him, Shulkin would be out by now.

If these rumors are true, who leaked it to Axios?

I’m guessing it was someone who doesn’t like Shulkin.

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