After being fired on Wednesday, David Shulkin decided to go to liberal media outlets to blame his termination as VA secretary on his opposition to VA privatization reform.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that President Trump was angry at Shulkin because he “doesn’t like what he’s hearing” about the major ethics scandal Shulkin was caught in. Shulkin took his wife on a taxpayer-funded 10 day trip to Europe.

The VA’s inspector general launched an investigation into it. When completed earlier this year, the VA OIG released a devastating report that slammed Shulkin and disclosed that Shulkin’s chief-of-staff tried to cover it up by altering an email and making false statements to a department ethics official.

After being fired, Shulkin published an op-ed in the left-wing New York Times arguing against privatization reform of the VA. He argues that conservative VA bureaucrats “saw me as an obstacle to privatization who had to be removed.”

This is not the first time he publically came up with conspiracy theories. Shulkin has been lashing out since February about conspiracies against him.

Shulkin also agreed to be interviewed by ultra-liberal MSNBC host Chris Hayes and claimed that Trump spoke to him right before he was terminated.

Shulkin is registered as an independent. He was appointed by Barack Obama to be Under Secretary of Veterans Affairs for Health in 2015 and then appointed VA Secretary by Donald Trump in February 2017.

On Wednesday, Trump announced via two tweets that Ronny Jackson has been appointed VA Secretary and that Shulkin was terminated.


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